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15 Years Experience

Bio Property Solutions has 15 years experience in the building trade. We offer visual pre-purchase building inspections for existing residential properties, renovations and extensions.  We also offer Commercial Building Inspections such as pubs, clubs and motels, including Essential Safety Measures (fire exits, disabled access). We have the qualifications and experience you need.

Fully Accredited Visual Pre-purchase building inspections

We’re a fully accredited pre-purchase building inspections provider through http://housesafetraining.com.au/ .  Accreditation certificate numbers HS/623, HS/0634.

South West Victoria

Operating throughout South West Victoria, including Casterton, Portland, Warrnambool, Coleraine, Hamilton and Heywood. We’re local, we’re fast, we’re only a phone call away.

Fully Insured

Full professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Follow up service

We follow up after you get the final inspection report, with advice on treatments, clarification of terms in the report, and advice on any further inspection types required.

Essential Service

While you can buy a property without a visual pre-purchase inspection, that’s like buying a used car without looking under the hood. You can’t be sure what you’re going to get.

Before you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the largest investment of your life, do yourself a favour and find out if it will be the worst investment of your life.


It’s not just white ants.  All sorts of animals, insects and birds can get into your house and cause damage to wires, insulation, foundations, plumbing, and structural timbers.  Droppings and dead animals attract flies and attract more pests in an ongoing cycle.  A pre-purchase building inspection can pinpoint the locations of pests by visual inspection.

White ants

It’s not just termites. Termites cause major damage, but so do many other types of insects.


Bird droppings and nests attract other pests.

Rats and mice

Rodents have incredible teeth and jaws that can chew through electrical wiring, and even damage your plumbing, requiring costly repairs in areas of the house that are not easy to see or access.


Asbestos comes in all different forms. Blue, white, brown, it comes in lagging around plumbing pipes, some kinds of plaster, vinyl tiles, sash cords in old timber windows, roofing, tilex in the bathroom, and many many other products.

If in doubt, if you’re not sure if it’s asbestos, treat it like asbestos and get a licenced, accredited asbestos professional to examine the area and give a written report.

As a prudent pre-purchase building inspector, I document any visual asbestos sightings and visual mould sightings at the time of inspection, so a potential property owner can be alerted to potential toxic issues associated with the inspected property.

Asbestos stopped being made in Australia in 1989, but was still being sold as late as 2004.

Microscopic view of Asbestos


Asbestosis is a truly horrible lung disease caused by the actions of microscopic asbestos fibres. A single fibre is enough to contribute to asbestosis.

No Safe Level

There is no level of asbestos considered safe. Any amount of asbestos can kill.

Stay safe!

Under NO circumstances should asbestos be removed or sanded without the assistance or advice of an accredited asbestos inspector.


Everyone knows termites are a problem in door frames and flooring, but what about the damage you can’t see?  Damage to structural members like joists, piers, and bearers can be expensive to fix, and can be impossible to find without careful up-close inspection and investigation.
Microscopic view of Asbestos

Termites can destroy a house within months

If not inspected and treated, a single termite nest can do very expensive structural damage to a dwelling within months, not years. Termite damage can lead to expensive remodelling, or even partial demolition.


We will investigate termite damage, but we are visual pest inspectors, not pest controllers. We will recommend and work with pest controllers and licensed, accredited tradesmen to recommend subsequent steps, based on our own detailed investigations, photographic records and on-site sampling.  All photos and descriptions of damage are available in the inspection report.

Bearers and Joists

We visually inspect your structural timbers for damage, and give you a full damage report, full of nasty photographs of splintered timber, and load-bearing members full of holes, and with the strength and resilience of corrugated cardboard.  Photographs that are good to see before you buy, and ugly as hell if you see it after you buy.


It is documented that there are over 270 different types of mould, many of them toxic, and all of them spread by tiny spores.

Mould loves damp, inaccessible areas.  Mouldy showers and bathrooms are only the visible manifestations of the problem. An inspector can visually examine all the possible hiding places and sources of mould, including underfloor areas, roof spaces, and anywhere the plumbing and topography of the property has caused the damp, dark conditions that mould enjoys.

It’s not just unsightly, mould can cause severe medical problems!


Many kinds of Mould

There are many species of moulds that love to live in our houses. There’s Cladosporium, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Ulocladium, Acremonium, Stachybotrys, Alternaria… all with different lifecycles and levels of toxicity.


Mould can cause asthma and other respiratory problems. Severe allergic reactions to moulds can cause fever and shortness of breath. Remember, you don’t need to see the mould to be exposed to the effects of airborne spores.


The presence of mould can indicate a wide variety of other potential problems. Leaking water pipes, drainage problems, and lack of ventilation can contribute to mould growth.

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